Ordering Bloom


Bloom is available for sale in the District of Columbia and Maryland. It comes in two varieties.

Fresh Bloom is DC Water’s Class A Exceptional Quality biosolids product. It has been dewatered and contains about 30 percent solids. Fresh Bloom is $2.50 per cubic yard.

Cured Bloom is Fresh Bloom that DC Water has aged and turned outdoors for several weeks, lowering both the pH and moisture content of the product. It contains about 40 percent solids. Cured Bloom is $5 per cubic yard.

Delivery is available for a fee (minimum order $150), or we will load your truck, trailer or other container at 5000 Overlook Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20032. Please note that a nominal $5 minimum charge applies to pick-up orders. We will invoice after you receive your Bloom, and we accept checks and major credit cards. Please fill out the form below for a quote.

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