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This video introduces Bloom, DC Water’s Class A Exceptional Quality biosolids fertilizer and soil amendment, from process to end product.

Who is Bloom for?


Bloom is one of the most affordable, high performing soil conditioners available to the landscaping trade.

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Bloom is a slow-release fertilizer rich in organic matter, ideal for improving soil structure and promoting drought tolerance.

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Meet organic matter specs and get grass growing quickly, cheaply and sustainably with Bloom.

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Bloom is a sustainable, multi-purpose soil amendment, providing the nutrients of a fertilizer and the organic matter of compost to keep your lawn and garden healthy.

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Benefits from Soils Expert

“Bloom has tremendous potential. The plants not only are bigger, but the tissues are thicker and the taste is delicious. You look at how healthy the plants are and how lush the growth is, there is something there. And what is there is Bloom.”

– Dr. Frank Gouin, Professor Emeritus of Horticulture, University of Maryland

Slow-release Fertilizers

Bloom is a slow release fertilizer, releasing a slow, steady amount of nutrients over time. Natural slow release fertilizers like Bloom slowly add nutrients to the soil by naturally breaking down and decomposing into a plant-available form. The advantages of a slow-release fertilizer are that your plants are spoon fed nutrients over time, rather than a chemical based, quick release fertilizer that provides a large one time shot of immediately available nutrients. Quick release fertilizers are typically more mobile, meaning they are more subject to run off and to wash out of the root zone. They also need to be applied more judiciously to avoid foliage burn.

Bloom’s slow release fertilizer, recycled from the wastewater stream, provides nutrients to your plants and soil over multiple seasons. Incorporate Bloom into your soil before planting for best results.

Before & After

  • Four Streams Golf Course
    Four Streams Golf Course
  • Four Streams Golf Course
    Four Streams Golf Course

What they say

We were in desire of a product to incorporate in helping us reach a desired level of recovery from summer stress in a short amount of time. We have seen great results in large rough areas as well as small areas i.e. fairway and tee spots. Bloom’s Woody Blend mixed with the proper seed gives an instant ‘bang’ and provides prolonged nutrients for the seedlings for a great stand of turf. We are pleased with the results and will continue this great partnership for days to come.

-Allen Turner, Golf Course Superintendent, Four Streams Golf Course

Urban N. Zink has had a high level of turfgrass success since instituting Bloom as our preferred topsoil amendment for elevating organic matter. Bloom delivers a high quality, visually pleasing, and agronomically strong product with lasting results. James worked with us to understand our requirements to ensure Bloom would bring the necessary nutrients to meet our specifications. The level of logistical, sales, and administrative service rendered by the Bloom team is first-class.

– Bobby Howells, Project Manager, Urban N. Zink Contractor, Inc.

This was our first job with Bloom and we got better results than I think we’ve ever seen, and certainly never so quickly! We did core aeration and overseeding of an existing lawn with poor, claylike soil and within seven days the tall fescue grass was jumping. Anyone trying to establish grass should consider using Bloom

– Bobby White, Owner, Maple Hill Lawn & Garden

Sunrise on a hay field at Breton Bay Farm

We used Bloom on a 500-acre farm, a rundown old cow pasture we are trying to build back up. After Bloom, the hay yields doubled on the next cutting – it was thicker, better quality grass.

– Michael Dahlstrom, Breton Bay Farm

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