Maryland Farmer Logs Record Corn Yield after Introducing Bloom

CornThis fall, Chappelear Enterprises logged a 40% higher yield on three acres of cornfields fertilized with Bloom at his Aquasco, Maryland farm compared to farm averages for the same season.

The field fertilized with Bloom recorded a 220 bushel yield as verified by third party calculations (Dekalb Asgrow) versus a farm average of 159 bushels per acre in the same season, according to farm owner Roger Chappelear. The field was amended with Bloom and potash per Chappelear’s nutrient management plan and a urea starter for seedling germination. The field was not irrigated, and no midseason nitrogen application was applied.

The results also underscored Bloom’s drought-resistant properties, which have been independently verified by researchers at Virginia Tech in previous field trials. While all fields and management approaches are unique, and therefore such record yields may not necessarily be replicable on a given field, Bloom has had consistently performed across a number of applications and crop types, as these and other testimonials demonstate.