From hops to now hemp, everything truly has been grown in Bloom! This year, Bloom is working with a handful of hemp farms, including Fingerboard Farm, a 25-acre woman-owned operation in Ijamsville, Maryland.

Dawn Furman Gordon, CEO, was inspired to grow hemp as a result of her journey with Lyme disease, finding CBD products to be a lifesaver in alleviating pain and fatigue. Fingerboard Farm is using Bloom for hemp both in pots and in the field, and “so far, so great. We transplanted our seedlings into a Bloom mix, and they experienced zero transplant shock and incredible growth in the first three days,” says Dawn.

Fingerboard sells a variety of CBD infused products. The business has an Adopt a Hemp program, whereby businesses can sponsor a plant that provides medicine for children with epilepsy as well as environmental benefits like carbon sequestration. The farm, originally founded in 1789, also grows elderberries and offers farm stays.