Bloom loves working with local DC projects, as their short distance to deliver reduces our carbon footprint even further. It doesn’t get much closer than the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge project, which the Bloom team can see right from DC Water’s headquarters, HQO. The project, which focuses on replacing the 70-year-old South Capitol Bridge, is part of the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative program.

“Even though our project centers around a bridge that will add a unique feature to the District, the project limits extends well past the banks of the rivers on both sides to include an area of about 100 acres,” says Michael Brogan, Assistant Project Manager for the Walsh Group, a lead contractor on the project. “For a project with this large of a footprint, importing all new topsoil (and therefore trashing the existing topsoil) is an expensive and environmentally harmful process. It was imperative that we find a solution that allowed us to use the existing topsoil but to also meet the stringent project specifications for soil qualities such as organic matter. This led us to Bloom.”

Bloom is not only great for the landscape and the environment, it’s great for a project’s budget. Click here for a cost-benefit analysis of Bloom for construction projects.