Shout out to Master Gardener (MG) Jeanne Weiss for submitting this photo and account of her volunteer installation crew at Connie Morella Library in Bethesda, Maryland.

Jeanne learned about Bloom during a recent presentation from Bloom’s Sales and Marketing Director and fellow MG April Thompson to the Montgomery County MGs.

In Jeanne’s words, “I figured the Bloom products were worth a try given the problems most plants seemed to have in the parking lot islands, given our many challenges: very hot blacktop in summer, dry conditions, awful soil. An awesome group of volunteers from the Bethesda Community Garden Club help spread cured Bloom around 21 trees that BCGC had planted over the last several years, and Bloom’s woody blend was added to the islands and peninsulas of library parking lot where plants went to die, followed by the assessment, ‘The soil is terrible.'”

Fingers crossed that Bloom helps give these struggling soils the boost they need to get plants and trees thriving again… Stay tuned for an update in Spring 2022!