By Ron Alexander

Bloom’s Sandy Blend is a versatile, high performing soil amendment for use in turf topdressing and to amend planting media and beds. It is produced from a blend of Fresh Bloom, hardwood bark fines and sand, and can be spread through most commercial spreaders. Bloom™ Sandy Blend can be used as an alternative to compost in many applications. It is sold in bulk not only from Blue Plains facility, but also by select DMV resellers.

Bloom Sandy Blend is the only product in the Bloom line of products that contains a sand component, and it is included for several horticultural and functionality purposes. First, the sand component of the blend will not degrade over time, and it adds some weight to the product, even when the blend is not wet. This is especially helpful when it is used as an ingredient in a potting or raised bed media. It can assist in physically supporting the plant (standing it upright), as well as aid in moisture movement (percolation) through the media.

When used as an amendment to a planting bed or newly established lawn, the sand component of Bloom’s Sandy Blend can add tilth (workability) to the soil and aid in the product’s efficient application. When used as a turf topdressing, the sand component of the blend allows it to be used to level out the turf surface, even filling in shallow dips on the soil surface.

So, the sand component to the Bloom Sandy Blend allows it to be more functional as a product when used in specific lawn and garden applications. Although it contains no organic matter, it is physically (and biologically) stable. Therefore, it can assist amended soil be more workable, while better accepting and percolating moisture.

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