In need of some poompering? Face feeling less than fresh? Enter to win a Bloom spa weekend at Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility!

Check out this video review from a happy spa patron!

Bloom’s luxury spa package includes:

Applying Fresh Face facial mask

  • The “Baby Bloomer” facial with Bloom’s nutrient-rich, anti-aging biosolids massaged in by Blue Plains operator guaranteed to make your skin baby poo-soft
  • A jar of Bloom’s “Fresh Face” facial mask product and organic cotton, stain-resistant Bloom branded bathrobe to take home
  • “Sip n soak” bubble bath with post-treatment effluent in the aeration tanks and a complimentary wine spritzer made from Bloom-grown grapes

woman bathing with Fresh Face mask on

  • “CAMBI Challenge” sauna, with high pressurized steam from the anaerobic digestion tanks heating your skin beyond pasteurization. Perfect for opening the pores pre-facial!

Email us for a chance to win, then follow and share on social media for additional entries!

Want to do a DIY Bloom spa day at home? Click here to purchase Bloom’s “Fresh Face,” available for a limited time only. Leave it on overnight to soak up some extra organic matter, slow-release nutrients and humic acid for the skin. Vegan friendly, tested on plants only!

Contest end midnight, April 1, so don’t delay!