Maryland homeowner Glenn Cross made the most of Bloom’s sandy blend this past season, utilizing it with great success in several lawn and garden projects.

“I have used Bloom in many plantings of grass seed, new trees and flowers. I had great success in the primary uses to control erosion on two hillsides involved in new construction – beside our new sunroom and patio, and behind a new shed. I am using some Bloom to grow persimmon tree seedlings as well,” said Glenn. “Overall, Bloom’s sandy blend was perfect for my landscaping projects, easy to get delivered and great to work with and has been giving my plants and trees a healthy boost to grow quickly and well this season!”

Additional details Glenn shared:

  • “I needed to cut out a steep 5 foot bank to install a new shed. I wanted to avoid the expense of putting in a retaining wall, so opted to plant grass seed and needed it to grow well and fast last fall to avoid an erosion issue. It was a great success with use of an inch or two of the Bloom Sandy Blend soil amendment.”
  • “I needed to establish a lawn and ground cover plants quickly on a new hillside cut during construction of a new patio and sunroom addition. I spread out an inch of Bloom Sandy Blend for seeding the lawn and planted the ground covering plants using Bloom and threw on additional layer of Bloom on top of pine needles, adding some pelleted lime. The lawn is very thick and healthy and the ground cover plants are taking off well this spring!”