We know that Bloom is great for dark leafy growth, so it’s not a surprise to learn that one Maryland hemp farmer’s crop is thriving with the help of Bloom!

“Fingerboard Farm depends on Bloom for the best nutrition our plants deserve,” says Dawn Furman Gordon, CEO of Fingerboard Farm in Ijamsville, Maryland. “This is our second year using Bloom for our hemp cultivation fertilizer. We apply Bloom in three different ways: We mix the amendment into our soil and use in our potted hemp plants. We use Bloom as a top dressing on the surface of the pot for continued feeding. We apply Bloom on the surface of our hemp filed and disk into the soil, then after planting the field plants we also top dress around each plant. This year we burned our hemp stalks from the previous year for additive for carbon/pot ash. The amendment really has proven to improve the overall health of the plants we used it in!”

Bloom will be doing a private breakfast and tour of the farm to share information with area farmers about how Bloom can be used to fertilize crops of all kinds – email Bloom to receive an invitation.