Farming is one of the hardest and most important occupations there is, so Bloom is happy when it hears from farmers like Joseph Bylan of Trott’s Produce that our product has made their job easier.

“My grandfather, who started this farm in 1969, used to say our land was worn out, but Bloom honestly has changed that. Bloom has definitely given me hope. It’s night and day – I don’t know how long it has residual effects but between the price of Bloom and what it’s done for the land and crops, it’s a game changer,” said Bylan, who farms 25 acres of vegetables on his family farm in Dunkirk, MD.

In the farm’s first season with Bloom, Bylan used the fertilizer on kale, tomatoes, pumpkins and some corn in sandy soil. “I have never been able to grow a pumpkin before now, and they were absolutely beautiful.”