Bloom loves bringing people on its Blue Plains tours, as seeing (and smelling!) really is believing when it comes to Bloom’s high-performing, low-odor product and the science behind its processing. Scott Mann, creator of the popular Permaculture Podcast, spent hours listening to the Bloom team, blown away by the scale and sophistication of Bloom’s operations.

The result is “Bloom & DC Water: Municipal Recycling at Scale,” the first of a series of videos and podcast episodes featuring Bloom. Scott describes the piece as “A conversation with Chris Peot, Director of Resource Recovery for DC Water, and April Thompson, Senior Director of Bloom, about how DC Water and its non-profit arm Blue Drop are processing all of the municipal wastewater for our nation’s capital, a city home to more than 700,000 residents, into a safe and effective fertilizer, potting soil, and other materials for use around the home, farm, and garden, that is sold under the Bloom product line and deepening their commitment to environmental protection by keeping hundreds of thousands of tons of waste out of our waterways and landfills.”