Bloom is so great for growing food – so we got to thinking, what if we just skipped straight to eating it?

Introducing Baked Bloom – a line of Bloom-infused baked goods. Because we don’t call it “cake” for nothing!

Sink your teeth into a Bloom-Chip Cookie – Great for the dark chocolate lovers in your life. We’ll throw in a dozen with your first Bloom order – feed your family and your lawn, all in one delivery!

Bloom cookies going into the oven to bake

Lava cake on a plateOr how about some Bloom Lava Cake – gooey with that rich organic matter that will fill you up with all the taste and no calories. Pipin’ hot, straight from the anaerobic digesters, baked beyond pasteurization – no pesky e coli in our batches!

A woman and a man eating sandwiches in front of a large pile of Bloom soilYou’ve tried the Sandy Bloom on your yard, now try a Bloom Sandy after the hard work of mowing it! Our vegan Bloom sandwich features a special brown rye bread infused with Bloom, a tofu salad made from soybeans grown in Bloom, garnished with tomatoes, lettuce and pickles grown in Bloom’s own greenhouse.

What are you waiting for? Take a bite out of your hunger today! Reach out to place your order today!