We love this photo of Bloom-grown hay being harvested, courtesy of Michael Dahlstrom of Breton Bay Farm in Leonardtown, Maryland.

“We used Bloom on a 500-acre farm, a rundown old cow pasture we are trying to build back up. After Bloom, the hay yields doubled on the next cutting – it was thicker, better quality grass,” explained Dahlstrom.

Did you know that every 1% increase in organic matter — one of Bloom’s big benefits for farms — results in an additional 25,000 gallons of soil water available per acre, according to the USDA? Every pound of soil organic matter (SOM) can hold up to 20 pounds of water; otherwise put, 1% of SOM can hold up to an inch of water in the soil. That’s great news for thirsty farmland in Maryland, like this ground!

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