For Ben Ellis, superintendent of the golf course at Andrews Air Force Base, Bloom was a lifesaver at his previous assignment, the Golf Club at Fort Belvoir: getting turf to grow on two holes devoid of any topsoil.

“We had ten acres with zero topsoil and had to essentially grow turf on top of rock– what do you do?” said Ellis, a self proclaimed “golf turf nerd.” His team put down Bloom’s sandy blend in a large broadcast spreader as a standalone product on the rough, fairways and around the greens before seeding with fescue and bluegrass.

“Bloom gave us an amazing foundation. The results were a much better playing surface overall; we had grass coming in a dark green color in areas that had never managed to come in well before,” said Ellis, who plans to utilize Bloom again this season at The Courses at Andrews for nursery and putting greens.

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