Thank you to DC Natives for sharing this photo and account of their experience using Bloom!

In their words: “For the first time, DC Natives used Bloom in an installation of a beautiful pollinator garden for a beautiful Hillcrest family. We also used it for other Ward 8 pollinator gardens in Douglass and Hillcrest. We loved the idea of using a product from Blue Plains. DC residents contribute 450 tons a day to make this unique biosolids compost alternative.

When we did initial visits to this Hillcrest garden, we found rocky and compacted ground. Our guess is that rocks were added in an attempt to deal with drainage. This new pollinator garden with native flowers and grasses will do a better job of collecting and retaining water. Bloom provided the much needed soil amendment, their woody blend, for this garden. We can’t wait to see the end result Spring 2024.”

The pollinator garden included aster, goldenrod, echinacea, mountain mint and phlox. We can’t wait to see it either!