Getting to work at 4am may not sound like a dream schedule, but for Bloom operator Mark Dowling, the night shift has its benefits.

“I get to see the skyline lit up at sunrise; I’m always sending photos to my wife,” said Mark, a Baltimore native who worked at a chemical plant before joining DC Water in 2023. “I also get to see all the beautiful sites from my workplace, the Potomac River and the South Capitol bridge, and see the helicopters and planes flight to the base next door. It’s exciting to me.”

Mark and his wife are caretakers for his paraplegic mother, in addition to their daughter, so the odd schedule works in their favor to help ensure coverage.

Mark adds, “I like seeing the process behind Bloom as well. People don’t think about how something like waste can be used to produce food. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”