Thanks to Matt Pruett, horticulturalist for Quiet Waters Park, for sharing these photos of the park’s Flagpole Circle, buzzing with action after a Bloom-enhanced garden reno.

“When I came to the park, it was an old, tired area of turfgrass that had a couple Forsythia hedges and some Shasta Daisies. I wanted to update it, take it out of mowing maintenance, and make it an appealing place for people and nature. I decided to turn it into a pollinator pit stop using native plants,” explained Pruett. “We added plenty of Bloom to the soil that was 30+ year old infill from the park’s construction. Bloom’s Woody Blend worked wonders. It has turned into a nice area for educational purposes, to get up close and personal with our local pollinators, and just to look at.”

The planting took place in Fall 2021, with these “after” pics taken in summer 2023. The Annapolis, Maryland park is an oasis in Anne Arundel County, with trails, playgrounds, picnic areas and more covering the park’s 340 acres.