Bloom is so great for growing grass – so we got to thinking, what might it do for growing hair?

Introducing Bloom Shampoopoo – the world’s first Class A Exceptional Quality Hair growth formula. Just use a quarter inch application of our low odor, high performing product on your scalp while shampoopooing, and send all your hair loss worries down the drain.

Bloom Shampoopoo Hair Growth Formula package label

Don’t believe the hype? Just look at these extraordinary transformations before and after Bloom Shampoopoo!

Customer Antoine W. hair growth before after

Customer James F. hair growth before after

“All my life I’ve wanted to grow an afro,” said Bloom shampoopoo customer Antoine W. “Look at me now! And the best part of all, it’s all natural — no nasty chemicals. Thanks, Bloom Shampoopoo!”

“I had a lot of trouble growing hair in my problem areas, and it took a real toll on me,” said fellow Bloom shampoopoo user James F. “Just look at this transformation! I can comb it, run my fingers through it, put it in a man bun… and my wife is no longer plotting to leave me, since she likes guys with long hair. Thank you, Bloom Shampoopoo!”

Bloom Shampoopoo is even great for Chia Pets — just ask performer by night, green thumb by day, Willie Nelson.

“Bloom has been a staple in my gardens, both at home and on the tour bus. From vegetables to your favorite herbs, Bloom will improve the yield, size, and health of your plants, no matter what you’re growing.

I even got the new Bloom Shampoopoo for thinning hair, and I look so good now, I had to get ‘On the Road Again.’

Fans, do yourself a (bio)solid. Get you some of that Shampoopoo, rinse and repeat.”

Willie Nelson Chia Pet

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Bloom Shampoopoo: Putting the poo and the sham in shampoo!