We love to see Bloom’s retailers putting the product to work on their own grounds, like Bloom supplier Hallscapes in Brandywine, MD. Thanks to Hallscapes’ Billy Hall for his detailed account of using Bloom on some “tricky soil”:

“This spring, we put down a nice even coating of Bloom of one-half to three-quarters inch of material on a new landscaped area before grass was planted.

Hallscapes had some tricky soil in the front of our property, so we needed to make sure we had good drainage in these areas, so we used the ‘Stinger Aerator’ with seed box attachment, and aerated two ways, both horizontal and parallel for best results. We aerated not just to get better drainage, but we thought if we could force the Bloom down into the seed bed, we would have better results. The result was a lush thick turf.

I would highly recommend using this process when starting from scratch or even if you are just topdressing: spread the materials first and then aerate and seed. Bloom was absolutely the winning piece to this process, as our soil was not the best!”

Customers needing any amount of Bloom large or small can call Hallscapes at (240) 601-2749 to arrange a product delivery or pickup.