Dawn Gordon knew nothing about farming when she founded Fingerboard Farm in Ijamsville, Maryland, six years ago, but she knew that Cannabidiol (CBD) products had changed her life. After numerous ineffective attempts at pain alleviation and sleep management related to chronic Lyme Disease, she finally found solace in CBD.

Today, Fingerboard Farm is a thriving hemp farm, with a mission to make accessible, high-quality CBD products for wellness. Dawn is equally passionate about sustainability as she is about CBD. The farmer is a loud and proud advocate of Bloom, which is used to grow the farm’s hemp plants, as an affordable, sustainable alternative to other fertilizers. “Bloom’s unparalleled nutrients consistently deliver exceptional results, making it the top choice for ensuring optimal plant growth and yield,” said Dawn, Fingerboard Farm’s CEO.

As a perk for Bloom subscribers, Fingerboard Farm is offering a 25% discount on all its hemp products. Use the discount code BLOOM25 at checkout!