We know how fussy golfers can be about the greens their game relies on, so we are honored when a golf course like Laurel Golf Center, in operation since 1993, entrusts Bloom to green up their turf!

As Kim Cayce, Head of Operations, explains, “Our golf center sits on 45 acres, including a 9 acre driving range. When we took over the facility it was in rough shape, and the field was a mess. There were major drainage issues, the soil was compacted and the grass was on life support. In many places the grass was sparse, and in others it had died off and there were a lot of weeds and bare spots. We were losing a lot of balls in the mud, our equipment was suffering because of the poor conditions and the grass looked sad.

In March 2024, we invested in a major renovation of the field in an effort to fix our drainage problems. We decided to aerate, topdress, fertilize and overseed. In some of the worst spots we added additional layers of sand, fill dirt and more topdressing because the drainage has been such an issue.

We decided to go with Bloom for two reasons: first, our sales rep at Newsom Seed recommended Bloom and told us folks in the golf industry had gotten extraordinary results with Bloom’s Sandy Blend. After we saw some of the case studies and the results other golf courses had achieved with the product, we decided to give it a try.

We had four truckloads of sandy bloom delivered and our team spread the topdressing all over the target greens, field, and the grassy lawns around our mini golf and entrance. Some of our team was skeptical, but the results have been extraordinary.

The first sign of success was on the target green furthest from our tee – you could see the line where we stopped spreading the bloom on the back of the green. The grass that had the bloom was greener, longer, and thicker than the grass than the grass didn’t get the bloom. That really convinced our team that it was working!

After two months, our grass is growing so fast, it is so green, and it is so much thicker – we are having to cut more often and people are commenting on how rich and green our field looks this spring. Even after several heavy rain storms, our drainage problems have almost totally disappeared – the field is draining much more quickly than before and the majority of the mudholes have disappeared. That really impressed.

We’re looking forward to repeating this process in the fall. We highly recommend this product and it has really been a game changer for us!”