Good Soil

Bloom is a soil conditioner made from EPA-certified Class A Exceptional Quality biosolids at Blue Plains, the world’s largest advanced wastewater plant.

Dark & Healthy

Bloom provides greater crop yields and better drought resistance. It is also great for the home garden and lawn care.

Build Community

Bloom is a great soil amendment and can restore urban soils and bring community gardens back to health, all at an affordable price.

Better Earth

Bloom saves energy and reduces our carbon footprint when compared to conventional petroleum based fertilizers.

Our Products


Fresh Bloom is DC Water’s Class A Exceptional Quality biosolids product. It has been dewatered and contains about 30 percent solids. A favorite of farmers, soil blenders and contractors, Fresh Bloom is sold in bulk by DC Water. Review our Fresh Bloom spec sheet (contractors) and Fresh Bloom for Agriculture factsheet.

Woody Blend

Our Woody Blend (50% Fresh Bloom and 50% hardwood fines), made at our Blue Plains facility, is a great all-purpose soil amendment for landscaping and gardens, which you can use as you would Leafgro or other compost. Review our Woody Blend spec sheet.

Sandy Blend

Our Sandy Blend is an all-purpose, high performing blend for topdressing lawns and more, sold in bulk from Blue Plains and select resellers. Review our Sandy Blend usage card and spec sheet.

What are Biosolids?

We produce EPA-certified Class A, ‘Exceptional Quality’ biosolids.

After water is used in homes and businesses in the District of Columbia and portions of adjacent counties in Virginia and Maryland, it is sent to DC Water’s Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant. Our biosolids are the product of an intensive and technologically advanced process that uses high heat, pressure, and biological processes to remove pathogens found in wastewater and convert carbon to digester gas.

Bloom works by slowly releasing nitrogen into your lawn as it grows, providing nutrients over multiple seasons to stimulate consistent, healthy growth

Bloom saves energy and reduces our carbon footprint when compared to conventional petroleum based fertilizers.

Consistently test well below set limits by EPA for pathogen and heavy metals

DC Water’s soil amendment products meet all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for use in your home and garden, consistently testing considerably below set limits for Class A Exceptional Quality biosolids.

The process that produces Bloom is just accelerated nature, producing clean, green, sustainable energy and a terrific soil amendment.

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