Unsure how much material you need? Use the table and calculator below to determine your order size.

Each Bloom product and application has a different recommendation, which is summarized below, but if you’re not sure, your best bet is to fill out this inquiry form and discuss with one of the Bloom team. Some of our products have a higher nutrient content than the average compost you may be used to applying, so close attention to the application rates for our different products will ensure your lawn and garden gets just the right dose of nutrients!

Here are a few examples to explain how to use the table and calculator.

Example One: Yard Fertilization

Our friend Wendy the Water Drop, DC Water’s mascot, decides to do a spring fertilization of her yard to help green it up. It’s in decent shape, so she decides just to topdress (a surface application of fertilizer, rather than incorporating into the soil). She decides to give Bloom’s Sandy Blend a try, having read it was good for lawn topdressing. She knows the area of the lawn she wants to cover is about 100 feet wide and 200 feet long, so she puts that into the calculator and puts in .25 inches as the depth, as the table suggests only applying a quarter inch of Bloom blend. The result is 15 yards.

Example Two: Garden Bed Amendment

Wendy also has some new raised beds in her backyard she is planning to grow vegetables in. She decides to incorporate it to a foot depth in her bed to be sure that the nutrients get to the root zone of some of her deeper rooted crops, and having heard that the Woody Blend was similar to a compost, decides to try that. The table suggests 20-30% incorporation, so she assumes 25% and multiplies .25 by 12 inches to come up with a depth dimension of Bloom of three inches. Her beds are a total of 20 feet by 20 feet, so she plugs that into the calculator along with the three inches and sees she needs a little less than four yards.

Sandy Blend

(15 yards minimum order for delivery, smaller order for pickup)

Woody Blend
(15 yards minimum order for delivery, smaller order for pickup)
Plant Establishment20-30%, 6-12 inches depth20-30%, 6-12 inches depth
Turf Establishment20-35%, 6-12 inches depth20-35%, 6-12 inches depth
Potting soil blendingUp to a third (if making your own – not adding to potting soil)Up to a third (if making your own – not adding to potting soil)
Topdressing – maintenance1/4″ inch recommended1/4″ inch recommended
Visual of soil amounts

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