Enrich your soil with Bloom®, a soil conditioner rich in organic matter and nutrients made from Class A Exceptional Quality biosolids produced at DC Water’s Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant.


Product Specs and Pricing

Fresh Bloom: Our fresh product is produced daily at Blue Plains and available with one week lead time at $3.50/cy for pickup or delivery. Fresh Bloom is a cost-effective solution for large jobs, where you can cheaply renew salvage soil on site for growing turf, trees and more.

Sandy blend (3/7 Fresh Bloom, 2/7 sand and 2/7 woodfines): Our high-performing sandy blend is a favorite for topdressing, starting at $12/cy for orders of 100 yards or more.

Woody blend (50% Fresh Bloom and 50% hardwood fines): Also produced at Blue Plains, our woody blend is a great solution for landscaping jobs large and small, starting at $10/cy for orders of 100 yards or more.

Guaranteed Nutrient Analysis 1.5-1.5-0

Benefits of Bloom

  • Nutrient-rich soil conditioner providing slow-release nitrogen, iron for darker grass and green leaves and other micronutrients
  • Reduces hauling costs and purchase of expensive composts or fertilizer
  • Supplies all the nutrients and organic matter needed to meet Maryland State Highway Authority specifications among others
  • Improves drought resistance and water retention capacity
  • Permitted for any use in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia, including construction
  • Sustainable, recycled material
  • Weed seed and debris-free


Urban N. Zink has had a high level of turfgrass success since instituting Bloom as our preferred topsoil amendment for elevating organic matter. Bloom delivers a high quality, visually pleasing, and agronomically strong product with lasting results. James worked with us to understand our requirements to ensure Bloom would bring the necessary nutrients to meet our specifications. The level of logistical, sales, and administrative service rendered by the Bloom team is first-class.

– Bobby Howells, Project Manager, Urban N. Zink Contractor, Inc.

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