Purchase Direct

Perfect for farms, construction projects, landscaper and nursery orders and homeowners in the immediate DC area.

Bloom is available for sale in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. For new customers, please fill out the form below for a quote. Returning customers can use the form on this page for a repeat order.

Fresh Bloom, which is ONLY recommended for farms or contractors with professional blending equipment, is $5.10 per ton for contractors (farm pricing varies by county).

Our Bloom blends (Woody Blend, Sandy Blend) are offered for as little as $10-$12 per cubic yard for large-scale purchases or $20-$24 per yard for smaller orders (varies by quantity ordered; contact us for a quote using the form below).

Delivery of bulk product is available for a fee, which varies according to order size and location. Pick-ups are by appointment only, requiring pre-authorization, on a case by case basis. We do not sell Bloom by the bag.

Our scales measure Bloom orders by the ton. We use a standard conversion value to bill by the cubic yard. We will invoice in the month after you receive your order, and we accept checks and major credit cards.

If you are outside of our coverage area but interested in other biosolids options, please consult this list of products, organized by location and brand name.

Purchase from Retailers

Perfect for homeowners and landscapers needing smaller orders.

Bloom’s woody and sandy blends are available in bulk from numerous local garden and landscaping centers, among other retailers. Enter your address above the map below to see a list of locations sorted by distance.

Please note: If you are looking for Bloom in bag, there has been a supply chain issue with our bagged product, unfortunately requiring us to curtail bag sales for the time being (there are still a few bags in stock at a select few retailers, as listed on the map below). If you encounter any difficulties finding what you need, please use the form below and one of our customer support staff will be happy to help!

hands holding Bloom Woody Blend

Bloom’s Woody Blend is a great all-purpose compost substitute available directly from Bloom as well as its network of retailers.

Bloom Retailers

Don’t see your local garden or landscape supply store on this list? Ask them to carry Bloom!

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