Give your trees, grass, plants and flowers a boost with Bloom®, a soil conditioner rich in organic matter and nutrients made from Class A Exceptional Quality biosolids produced at DC Water’s Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant.

  • Nutrient-rich soil conditioner providing slow-release nitrogen, iron for darker grass and green leaves and other micronutrients
  • Bloom is an all-in-one concentrated product, providing the nutrients of a fertilizer and the organic matter of compost.
  • It’s great for flowers, trees, grass and vegetables, and helps improve root and leaf growth. It can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Its slow release nutrients mean you’ll continue to see results over multiple seasons from one application.
  • According to research conducted at Virginia Tech, Bloom helps improve drought resistance and water holding capacity.
  • Bloom is sustainably and locally made by DC Water, helping reduce carbon emissions and generate renewable energy.

Guaranteed Nutrient Analysis 1.5-1.5-0

hands holding Bloom Woody Blend

Ask for Bloom’s Woody Blend at your local independent garden center or landscape supply store, or reach out to order direct from Bloom.


Join the Community

Join the 80+ community gardens around DC, including the Washington Youth Garden, the Capital Area Food Bank and others using Bloom to get their plants, trees and crops booming today!

Purchase through one of these retail outlets for DIY projects, or contact one of these Bloom-friendly landscapers and request Bloom on your project:

How to Use Bloom

Bloom is easy to use. Please follow our guidelines for the best results.

  • Plant Establishment (trees, flowers, vegetables, fruit, herbs) – Incorporate a layer approximately 20-30% of Bloom® Woody or Sandy Blend to a depth of 6-12” of existing soil.

  • Turf Establishment – Lawns (before seeding or sodding): Incorporate a layer approximately 20-35% of Bloom® Woody or Sandy Blend to a depth of 6-12” of existing soil.

  • Topsoil Blending – Blend up to 25% of Bloom® Woody or Sandy Blend with topsoil, subsoil, sand, bark, sawdust, and/or other plant growth media (or a combination thereof).

  • Potting Soil Blends – Uniformly blend up to 33% Bloom® Woody or Sandy Blend into existing potting soil or other growing media to enrich soil for container gardening or potted plants.

  • Topdressing – Apply 1/4” layer of Bloom’s Woody or Sandy Blend annually and rake into the turf canopy. For best results, core-aerate first, and complete this process in the spring or fall.

*Cured Bloom is our retail bag product; reach out to Bloom for application rates for other bulk products.


Garden produce

Bloom was a great deal and we had amazing results! Our flowers were much bigger and brighter; our garden was the most productive we’ve ever had too. We were blown away by the results compared to prior years – our tomatoes outgrew every cage we built around them and the squash took over our yard! We will definitely order again and use it in the rest of our yard.

– Toni Flaspeter, Washington, DC

Awesome experience working with Bloom! This was my third attempt to grow grass in my very shady backyard with bad soil. I needed to plant special dense shade grass seed in very poor soil and Bloom, sand, and sawdust. The mix was easy to spread and not clumpy. The grass is as thick as carpet and very deep green. It’s incredible!

– Victor Kane, Washington, DC

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