Give your lawn a boost with Bloom®, a soil conditioner rich in organic matter and nutrients made from Class A Exceptional Quality biosolids produced at DC Water’s Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Bloom is an easy-to-use, high-performing solution for natural lawncare.

Offering slow-release nitrogen, iron for dark green growth and organic matter to build soil health. Bloom is a green solution in more ways than one. It sequesters carbon, recycles precious nutrients and generates renewable energy in the process!

Bloom currently offers two products for lawncare: our Sandy and Woody Blends (available in bulk from Blue Plains and select retailers). See below for details.

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Turfgrass growing on a Bloom-based topsoil on this Maryland project grew so well that neighbors stopped to ask how it came in so fast.


Product Specs and Pricing

Sandy blend (3/7 Fresh Bloom, 2/7 sand and 2/7 aged hardwood fines): Our high-performing sandy blend is a favorite for topdressing, starting at $12/cy. In independent field trials conducted by the University of Maryland in conjunction with the Maryland State Highway Authority, this Bloom blend was deemed the most effective treatment for improving soil conditions and fertility.

Woody blend: Our Woody Blend (50% Fresh Bloom and 50% hardwood fines), made at our Blue Plains facility, is a great all-purpose soil amendment for lawns, gardens and more, which you can use as you would Leafgro or other compost. Review our Woody Blend spec sheet.

Bloom’s Benefits for the Lawn

Bloom is available in bulk at these local garden and landscaping centers:

  • Slow Release Nitrogen: Bloom works by slowly releasing nitrogen into your lawn as it grows, providing nutrients over multiple seasons to stimulate consistent, healthy growth.
  • Iron for Green Growth: The iron naturally occurring in Bloom enhances the color of your lawn naturally – and is also great for edible and non-edible plants of all kinds.
  • Organic Matter for Soil Health: Cured Bloom contains 53% organic matter, including ~3% humic acid, which promotes healthy soil and improves the soil’s ability to grow plants. Organic matter improves soil structure, water-holding capacity, and nutrient supply, among other benefits.
  • Safe for All Growing Applications: Bloom meets and often exceeds the EPA’s Class A Exceptional Quality standards for biosolids, which means it’s safe to grow anything, including fruits and veggies.

  • Great for Urban Soils: Research like this study from Virginia Tech has demonstrated the benefits of biosolids to grow turfgrass in urban soil conditions.

What They Say

This was our first job with Bloom and we got better results than I think we’ve ever seen, and certainly never so quickly! We did core aeration and overseeding of an existing lawn with poor, claylike soil and within seven days the tall fescue grass was jumping. Anyone trying to establish grass should consider using Bloom.

Bobby White, Owner,
Maple Hill Lawn & Garden

We have been using Bloom here since 2017. What a great topdressing, from athletic fields to common areas. It greens up quickly, and stays green for months. As sustainability becomes mandatory Bloom will be at the forefront with their near never-ending supply of soil amendment.

Charles Lakey, Turf Manager, Catholic University of America

Awesome experience working with Bloom! This was my third attempt to grow grass in my very shady backyard with bad soil. I needed to plant special dense shade grass seed in very poor soil and Bloom, sand, and sawdust. The mix was easy to spread and not clumpy. The grass is as thick as carpet and very deep green. It’s incredible!

Victor Kane, Homeowner,
Washington, DC

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