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Customer of the Month: Cardinal Creek Plant Farm

March 10, 2021|Categories: News|

When we say that Bloom is great for growing anything, the edible gardens at Cardinal Creek Plant Farm come to mind. This Prince Frederick, Maryland nursery and garden center, now in its 33rd year of operation, used Bloom to grow all its demonstration garden crops last year, including kiwiberries (a fusion of kiwifruit,

Retailer of the Month: R&D Cross

February 10, 2021|Categories: News|

Brandywine is no stranger to Bloom, having successes in both farm and construction projects in the Maryland town. So we are pleased to now have the bagged Bloom product available to the wider community, through R&D Cross, a veteran in the farm, home and garden supply business. R&D Cross, Inc. began

Spider Hall Farm Corn Thrives with Bloom

October 19, 2020|Categories: News|Tags: , , , |

While other fields were stressing out in the summer heat, Spider Hall Farm in Prince Frederick, Maryland reported their corn was thriving, thanks to Bloom and its drought resistant properties. The owner of the land called it “grand champion corn, some of the best he’s seen.” We look forward to

Webinar on Benefits and Applications for Construction

May 22, 2020|Categories: Event|

Bloom has been a game changer for contractors looking to save time and money, meet specs for organic matter and get great results! This May, Bloom hosted a webinar focused on the applications and benefits of Bloom for the construction industry, presented by Bobby Howells from Urban N Zink Contractor,