Bloom Blend Producers Grant County Mulch and JK Landscape Supply

September 17, 2021|Categories: News|

We love serving our landscaper and homeowner customers, but sometimes our DC  location is less than convenient for those located in Maryland and Virginia. We're pleased to be working with two pioneers in the industry, Grant County Mulch and JK Enterprise Landscape Supply, who are producing our signature Woody Blend on site, making

Project of the Month: McLean Gardens

September 14, 2021|Categories: News|Tags: |

We love to hear about customers who ask their landscapers to use Bloom, as was the case with McLean Gardens, a 43-acre residential complex in NW DC. McLean Gardens' landscaping committee had committed to using sustainable products, while also setting a high bar for the results they expected from their

Photo of the Month: Vista View Farms

September 10, 2021|Categories: News|Tags: |

Vista View Farms, a Damascus, Maryland family farm, sure got an earful from Bloom this season! "We saw a tremendous crop improvement with the help of Bloom -- the largest tonnage of corn we’ve ever harvested,” said Vista View's Andrew Keller, adding the corn was 13 feet tall across the board.

Project of the Month: Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge

August 17, 2021|Categories: News|

Bloom loves working with local DC projects, as their short distance to deliver reduces our carbon footprint even further. It doesn't get much closer than the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge project, which the Bloom team can see right from DC Water's headquarters, HQO. The project, which focuses on replacing the 70-year-old South Capitol Bridge, is

NPR’s Marketplace Features Bloom

July 27, 2021|Categories: News|

Bloom is making (air) waves this week in a feature story on NPR's Marketplace Tech! The piece, which aired yesterday on Marketplace Tech and will air tonight on the Marketplace evening show, showcases the innovative technology behind Bloom, and the many benefits, both environmental and economic, generated by the process. Listen in and if you're

Customer Spotlight: Ruppert Nursery

July 19, 2021|Categories: News|Tags: |

If you're a landscaper who has ever purchased trees from Ruppert Nurseries, you may have procured a specimen grown in Bloom! The wholesale grower grows approximately 150 varieties of shade, ornamental and evergreen trees for outplanting, including prominent sites like the National Mall, the White House, the National Zoo and Flight 93

Retailer Spotlight: Gambrills Flower Farm

June 11, 2021|Categories: News|Tags: |

Bloom is proud to be serving growers in Anne Arundel County through Gambrills Flower Farm, a family-owned garden center in Gambrills, Maryland. Gambrills Flower Farm offers not only garden essentials such as Bloom soil amendments in bulk, mulch and homegrown ornamentals, it also sells produce grown on the premises and

Photo of the Month: Green (Lawn) Carpet Looks

June 11, 2021|Categories: News|Tags: |

Yet another happy lawn greened up with Bloom, courtesy of Tim Caldwell of Potomac, Maryland. "This spring the Bloom you provided really did its job. Before we spread the Bloom, we had the yard aerated. I then spread a good quality seed suited for sun and shade. We used