We produce EPA-certified Class A, ‘Exceptional Quality’ biosolids.

Bloom is a flexible, sustainable product with many applications, including establishment of lawns, trees, flowers and crops. Our happy customers include homeowners, community gardeners, farmers, landscapers, contractors, soil blenders, nursery growers, and ecological restoration specialists.

We were in desire of a product to incorporate in helping us reach a desired level of recovery from summer stress in a short amount of time. We have seen great results in large rough areas as well as small areas i.e. fairway and tee spots. Bloom’s Woody Blend mixed with the proper seed gives an instant ‘bang’ and provides prolonged nutrients for the seedlings for a great stand of turf. We are pleased with the results and will continue this great partnership for days to come.

-Allen Turner, Golf Course Superintendent, Four Streams Golf Course

Urban N. Zink has had a high level of turfgrass success since instituting Bloom as our preferred topsoil amendment for elevating organic matter. Bloom delivers a high quality, visually pleasing, and agronomically strong product with lasting results. James worked with us to understand our requirements to ensure Bloom would bring the necessary nutrients to meet our specifications. The level of logistical, sales, and administrative service rendered by the Bloom team is first-class.

– Bobby Howells, Project Manager, Urban N. Zink Contractor, Inc.

This was our first job with Bloom and we got better results than I think we’ve ever seen, and certainly never so quickly! We did core aeration and overseeding of an existing lawn with poor, claylike soil and within seven days the tall fescue grass was jumping. Anyone trying to establish grass should consider using Bloom.

– Bobby White, Owner, Maple Hill Lawn & Garden

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“This is our second year using Bloom for our hemp cultivation fertilizer. Fingerboard Farm depends on Bloom for the best nutrition our hemp plants deserve. The amendment really has proven to improve the overall health of the plants we used it in!”

– Dawn Furman Gordon, Fingerboard Farm

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“I am excited to bring Bloom here to Quiet Waters Park, having seen its benefits both as a soil amendment and a topdressing. It works great and provides visible benefits to plants. I also love the environmental aspect of using Bloom. I will be incorporating it in every planting we do.”

– Matt Pruett, Quiet Waters Park

We used Bloom on our flower fields last winter, tilled it in and saw significant results. It added nutrients all season and improved our soil structure. Thanks, Bloom!

– Leon Carrier, Owner, Plant Masters

We have been using Bloom here since 2017. What a great topdressing, from athletic fields to common areas. It greens up quickly, and stays green for months. As sustainability becomes mandatory Bloom will be at the forefront with their near never-ending supply of soil amendment.

– Charles Lakey, Turf Manager, Catholic University of America

When planting in urban sites, soils are often quite degraded. Bloom is the most potent soil conditioner available to improve soil quality. Bloom also fits well with our sustainability goals as a recycled, ‘buy local’ product.

– Earl Eutsler, Associate Director, DDOT Department of Urban Forestry

Bloom is great. Organic content goals were met, and the customer is very pleased. We will use Bloom on other sites and continue to recommend it to our commercial project partners.

– Kathleen Griswold, Project Manager, Denison Landscaping

Bloom speaks for itself.

– Matt Reese, Project Engineer, Lane Construction Corporation

Bloom has tremendous potential. The plants not only are bigger, but the tissues are thicker and the taste is delicious. You look at how healthy the plants are and how lush the growth is, there is something there. And what is there is Bloom.

– Dr. Frank Gouin, Professor Emeritus of Horticulture, University of Maryland

Integration of biosolids products like Bloom into community gardens is sustainable and socially responsible. You’re working to combat your own carbon and water footprint, including footprint from the transport of materials.

– Chris Bradshaw, Founder, Dreaming Out Loud

You’re in good company when you choose Bloom. Here are some more of our happy customers.