Bloom: No Such Thing As Waste, Only Wasted Resources

This video introduces Bloom, DC Water’s Class A Exceptional Quality biosolids fertilizer and soil amendment, from process to end product.

Deciphering Nutrient Analysis Webinar

What is dry versus wet weight? What’s a good C:N ratio? How can I figure out what to look for in a compost or fertilizer nutrient analysis based on my soil test? Nutrient analyses can be confusing to even industry professionals, let alone casual gardeners, but important to understand if you want to be confident in the products you’re putting on your lawn and garden.

This how to webinar with horticulturalist expert Ron Alexander covers the basics of nutrient analyses, using recent examples from Bloom’s own product analyses.

Common Misconceptions about Nutrient Movement & Availability in Soil Amendments

Confusion abounds when it comes to questions of availability and movement of nutrients from soil amendments. Bloom fields many questions about runoff concerns, plant available nutrients, mineralization rates and of course, the P word – phosphorus, a contentious topic in the world of nutrient management. In this webinar, horticulturalist and organics expert Ron Alexander breaks down frequently asked questions by farmers, landscapers and home gardeners, and shares results of a growing body of research on nutrient movement of biosolids specifically.

How to Responsibly Feed & Fertilize for Long-term Garden Success

Learn how to feed, fertilize and rejuvenate soil, whether that’s in a container, a grow box or a raised bed. Soil is the foundation of garden success–learn how to amend your soil, and feed it for the season. Recording of a talk by Kathy Jentz of Washington Gardener magazine and April Thompson of Bloom for Homestead Gardens.

Benefits and Applications for Turfgrass

This webinar features speakers from a leading Maryland golf course, a turfgrass specialist and an engineer with DC Water, and provide practical information on how you can use this affordable, locally produced soil amendment to solve commonly occurring issues with turfgrass establishment and maintenance, whether on sports turf or home lawns.

Trends in Sustainable Landscaping

The webinar features speakers from the Catholic University of America, which recently unveiled a new sustainability plan; Moody Graham, a leading landscape architecture firm in DC with a focus on sustainability; and DC Water, whose Blue Plains facility generates green energy while recycling nitrogen and other nutrients back into local soils.

Incorporating Biosolids into Nutrient Management Planning

A webinar, with CEU offered by the Maryland Department of Agriculture, on the benefits and best practices of incorporating biosolids like Bloom into farm nutrient management plans, featuring Ron Alexander, R. Alexander Associates, and Jeremy Bertier, The Land Group.

Bloom for Construction

A webinar cosponsored by the MTBMA on the benefits and applications of Bloom for construction featuring James Fotouhi, Resource Recovery Program Manager, DC Water, and Bobby Howells, Urban N. Zink Contractor, Inc.

The Benefits of Bloom

Introductory webinar presented by Chris Peot, DC Water’s Director of Resource Recovery, on the many benefits and applications of Bloom.


Bloom celebrates the latest addition to its family of retailers, Annie’s Ace Hardware.


Professor Emeritus of Horticulture at the University of Maryland, Dr. Frank Gouin, shares his opinion of Bloom.


Bloom is accelerated nature, producing clean, green, sustainable energy and a terrific soil amendment.


Bloom is a great soil amendment and can restore urban soils and bring community gardens back to health and all at an affordable price.


Bloom meets all EPA standards for use in your home and garden and contains no pathogens and very low levels of metals.